Next Generation Lithium Battery Based On Advanced Metal Anode

Originated out of the ancient Chinese legend of Yu the Great in his taming of the Great Flood, LiBAMA's bi-functional advanced metal anode (AMA) is the perfect hybrid of graphite, lithium metal and 3D electrode technologies. It aims at the very core problem of rechargeable lithium metal battery and represents the world's first innovation evolved out of numerous failed or on-going efforts with solid electrolyte and lithium protection in the past decades. Unlike other band-aid, patched-up methods for lithium metal, AMA provides a fundamental structural solution for dangerous lithium dendrite and its associated problems through mechanical, thermodynamic and kinetic factors. It promises extremely high energy density, low cost, and improved safety, while cycle life is being steadily improved with structure, component and operation optimization. It is a drop-in replacement anode for the assembly of full batteries, and can be combined with common cathodes, separators and electrolytes, including solid electrolyte. The AMA based rechargeable lithium batteries will provide unprecedented mobile power for smart phones, notebooks, tablets, electric vehicles (EVs) and drones / electric airplanes.

This groundbreaking technology is supported by NSF SBIR Award Number #1938168, DOD STTR Award Topic A18B-T015 and Tennessee state government through LaunchTN.

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